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    Aviation Academy

    Article provided by: FlyBy Aviation Academy

    Most people fantasize about becoming a pilot for years before they get to an airline academy. The inspiration to fly could start from an experience in a flying simulator or stories of the adventures of piloting.

    Many people begin to get discouraged with flying when they start their first ten flying lessons. They realize that they cannot merely copy the trainer and expect the same results. It is easy to take off and fly, but difficult to land. It can be complicated to maintain the same trajectory with a bumpy atmosphere.

    The good news is that there are thousands of qualified pilots who started with just as much doubt and fear. They only gained confidence after absorbing the trainer’s lessons, to eventually reach a Zen moment if becoming one with the plane and air. What it really takes to bridge the gap between the initial discouragement to the feeling of being comfortable in the cockpit is the right instruction.

    Why is FlyBy a top tier flight school?

    Holistic instruction

    People believe that a pilot needs to be extremely smart. We make it easy for anyone to take pilot classes without an advanced degree or complex learning subjects. There are plenty of resources to guide the amateur student in the right direction, without a stumble towards gaining a certificate.

    FlyBy has the structure and equipment that fosters a well-rounded learning experience. We have more than academic and technical training because we have character-building lessons to cultivate a more assertive personality for the sharpest and capable pilot. Our flight school creates the kind of environment that improves thinking for one to absorb piloting lessons fast.

    Hands-on learning

    We have hands-on training experience to allow students to engage in interactive learning. Aviation professors can facilitate the learning process by involving many different applications for a full learning experience. We gauge the development and practice of all students so they can grasp all details of each license training.


    Enrolling in an aviation school offers one real-life training to enhance the actual handling of airplanes. Some schools have perfect classroom atmospheres but lack grounding and resources for the application of the education. Here is how we ensure proper aviation education:
    • Adequate number of aircrafts to make sure all our students get plenty of flight experience
    • The appropriate ratio of trainers to students
    • A spacious runway for different planes
    • Simulators with the latest technologies

    Our student resources allows us to assign more flight training hours to all students.

    A team of caring certified flight instructors (CFIs)

    How many instructors can you find in the flight academy? A large team does not always translate to quality standards and higher certificate levels. It does, however, allowsone to find the one with the right chemistry for your persona. An excellent way to notice the subtle cues of every trainer’s style is to schedule a consultation or physical meeting before beginning the actual training.

    The instructor is still a pilot who is on an endless journey of learning. The best team of instructors should have an experience that surpasses that of the highest qualified students. We have tons of alumni to vouch for our pilot school so that you can get the best teaching available for your particular stage of development.

    Tours of Our Fleet and Open Days

    The best way to identify the best academies is through guided tour or Open Day at the flight school. At such visits our staff can show you our facilities and introduce you to our many instructors. You can speak to current students and get feedback to determine if this is where you will feel most comfortable training. Such visits include a full tour of each of our aircraft and the training grounds.

    Training timeframe

    The biggest myth about flying schools is that it takes years to acquire a single certificate. Yes, if you decide to train on a modular program or at a flight school where it is difficult to schedule flights, it definitely can take years. However, that is not always required. If you enroll in an intensive integrated program such as FlyBy’s and diligently study to pass your exams the first time, then it is very possible to complete the entire ATPL course within 14 months even if you have never flown a plane before in your life.

    Our aviation school is excellent at getting students towards their goal of achieving their EASA ATPL as fast as possible. We have a very aggressive flight schedule that we start as early as possible in your time as student. Many find it challenging, but our school welcomes those students who want to achieve their goal of becoming a pilot as quickly as possible. The sooner you get your license to fly commercially, the sooner you can start getting paid to fly and accumulate hours towards your eventual goal of being captain of a large aircraft.

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    Aviation Academy
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